EPD and Performance Information


CED EPD’s stands for Calving Ease Direct and is important when choosing sires to produce calves born easily.

The higher the number, the better.

BW EPD’s express the difference in birth weight on the progeny of the bulls being compared.

WW EPD’s express the difference in pounds at weaning time on the progeny of bulls being


YW EPD’s do the same as WW except it is the weight at 365 days of age.

MA EPD’s predict differences in weaning weights from daughters calves due to genes inherited

for milk.

CEM EPD’s stands for Calving Ease Total Maternal and is important for choosing sires that

produce replacement heifers that give birth to their first calf easily. The higher the number the


SC EPD’s are expressed in centimeters of scrotal circumference, and compare the difference

expected in sons of the animal. Scrotal EPDs are a good indicator of age of puberty of both the

sons and daughters of the animal.